Spiritual Breath Practice

Practice of Our Journey Home ( as presented by George Kavassilas )

Sitting in a comfortable position, take three even breaths in and out.

Focus on bringing the Cosmic Energies into your heart-space.

Closing your mouth, as you're breathing in, lean forward, and on the breath out (keeping your mouth still closed), move back to a seated position, focusing on your heart of hearts (heart chakra).

Practice of the Cosmic Container

Center yourself in your heart-space.

Visually gather all your intention on endless love and full gratitude. See colors of pink coming into your Crown and into your heart-space. 

Acknowledge the Creator that is within and your purpose to heal yourself and healing the global community. Concentrate on this practice for 10-15 minutes.

When your heart feels full of unconditional love, see the world and your heart pouring out into the global community for alignment into the 5th, 7th, and dimensions beyond.