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Seminary Programs and Special Post-Graduate Programs
-  Our programs and their curriculum are interfaith and holistically inspired, while filled with immense degree of reflections, deepening spiritual devotion, and ability to see a new evolution of practical and "clinical-based" chaplaincy practices. 
- We address professional and sacred theology to experienced ministers, clergy professionals, elders, and religious eminences for ability to grow and expand "professionally" to the liturgical practices, religious observances, clergy development skills, and chaplain-directed approaches. 
- Seminary offers pathways to become a licensed minister, approved legal clergy, as well as options to chaplaincy trainings and advanced theological practices in interfaith holistic theology. 
- The basic ministers program focuses on ministry skills and practices to be an interfaith minister and pastoral counselor. 
- Programs are designed with 800-2,000 hours of peer and professional supervised.  
Our ways are not for everyone and our missions are progressive and forward-reaching. Our seminary institution was founded by the Board Members of ICC-Chicago and ICC-Florida to allow ministerial growth to our faithful as they prepare to serve in ministry. Our programs are credible to our organizations theology and operate from a Religious Education exemption, from the Department of Education in IL, to offer programs that offer approved educational programs in theology, spirituality, interfaith ministry, and inner-chaplaincy. As accreditation is voluntary action to the standards of academic quality. Our seminary is internationally known and has developed a high reputation of high-caliber academic standards, proficient professional pastoral care practices, and scientific observances to full ethical obedience. The Religious Education Department assures that all programs are determined to exceed requirements of the seminary, state, and clergy associations.  
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