Hail & Praise...Meet: 
Dr. Rev. David Sabotka, DMin, M.Th., MA, Clergy Fellow
  • Pastoral General of Interfaith Community Chapel
  • ICCMIN Certified Chaplain 
  • Co-Founding Board Member of Pastors
  • Spiritual Holistic Minister Practitioner 
  • Pastoral & Inter-Spiritual Counselor
  • Seminary Dean-Professor of Pastoral                        Counseling, Formation, Homiletics, and              Interfaith Dialogue
  • Chancellor, ICCMIN Seminary & Ordination 
The Rev. Dr. David Sabotka has been involved in Ministries for over 25 years, initially beginning his work as a Children's Pastor & Missionary to Bolivia. Let go & Go Within, is the one of the founding "core" teachings of this ministry. Additionally, his background is in Behavioral Psychology and has fulfilled Formal CPE Training as a Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor to Hospice, Crisis Intervention Chaplaincy, and Bereavement supervised between both the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy as well as the Association of Professional Chaplains. The heart of his ministry is touching the soul for Wholistic agreement in the spiritual bodies. Love is the center of every ministry outreach. Some of these outreaches are for victims of abuse, substance abuse disorders, and psychospiritual trauma. As the Pastoral General of the Interfaith Movement of this spiritual body, he oversees many operations of the Interfaith Tradition began by Rabbi Gilberman, but not limited to the training of Practical Interfaith Chaplains & Pastoral Counselors, and the sole leading Administrative and Cannon Authority of Interfaith Community Chapel and its church extensions. 
Services Provided: Spiritual Intervention of Inner-Prayer, Healing Sessions (including Energetic Balancing; Spiritual Hypnotherapy; ThetaHealing; Medical Intuitive), Holistic Consultation to Health & Wellness as indicated by our Philosophy and By-Laws, Officiant Declarations, Spiritual Counseling/Interfaith Marriage Prep Counseling, Religious Exemption Letters Authority, and Senior Faculty of Pastoral Counseling & Formation to our Seminary Ordination Program.
Contact: You may contact him at: revdavid@interfaithchapel.org
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