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Creed of Illuminism

In our world, we have been familiar with the process(es) of Illuminism under "worldly" guises of God Consciousness, Salvation, Supreme Ego, and Divine Mind. With the shadow lurking within us, we recognize the milestone of overcoming the Shadow of Self.


Our pathworking to free ourselves from mind-constructs and false images reveals to us the importance of striving toward the Highest Divinity within us to achieve our highest potential Self.

Our duality ("purposed attention") depends on our maturation (to magnetize the shadow to the light) by means of transformation to ascend and embark on our own individual ascension process.    

When we are attuned with our Inner Divinity, (by embracing and balancing our shadow-selves and our light) we can become the internal "Divine Creators" emerging within us - purging, healing, growing, and transforming - to become Illuminators to our etheric and material worlds.   

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