Our Ministry

Our Interfaith Mission:

Our mission is to foster, celebrate, and honor all inter-spiritual practices through healing and transformation of the community around us. The ministry seeks to teach principles and core values of interfaith naturopathic ministry. Through our teaching and fellowship of services, we seek to inspire and assist the advancement of interfaith education, theology, philosophy, and spiritual practices. Our main mission is the practice of self-less service in a post-modern, technical and Secular world.

Our ICC Vision:


To bring re-connection of Inter-spiritual Divinity to the world and show the sacredness of all life and all spiritual paths and belief systems. Through respectful practice of the sacredness, all souls can find moksha (liberation of the deepest level,

free of all attachments of this world), and all people can attain ishayas, ("the consciousness of Christ").

Our Interfaith's Sacred Tenets:

1. Spiritual Evolution: We seek to be catalysts in our community in order to find Divinity and mastery of spiritual ascension and soul expansion, through finding the“Master Within” and attainment of "Christ-Consciousness."


2. Self-Less Love: We are always in service to the community, we practice love beyond our own needs and to always be a servant of love and peace.


3. Holistic Practice: We facilitate the body, our temple, to be kept pure of all impurities and abominations. All forms of kosher practices among denominational paths are supported by sacred oath.


4. Illuminism: We strive daily to raise our consciousness and vibration within us so that we can be a lamp to others' path of spirituality.


5. Education: We believe and we assist spiritual advancement through the attainment of knowledge. We believe Divinity is present always to shift and transform the “collective unconscious.”


6. Manifestation of the Holy Spirit's Influence: We support all avenues of the“manifestation of Spirit” through traditional and non-traditional practices, including esoteric ways in reaching internal Shambhala. We also encourage all acts of Eco-spirituality.


7. Diversity: We commit our spiritual practices to embrace all walks of life and cultural beliefs; to be inclusive to all faiths, ethnicities, heritage, social class, gender identities, sexual orientation,and disabilities/abilities.




Our chaplain team is an interfaith resource for supporting interfaith and "spiritually-other" couples on their unique and religiously inclusive needs of their commitment path of sacred dedication. We offer pre-marital counseling, couples education, interfaith wedding preparations and officiant services to legalized marriage in your state. 



Our "Women of Grace" program addresses the needs and concerns of the "interfaith" woman in the post-modern world. Our leadership along with our elders provide a supporting environment for empowerment and evolution of your soul's progression. Get linked with support!

Holistic &

Transpersonal Mentorship

Our ministry is centered upon holistic and natural based practices as influenced by many religious practices and spiritual customs. Our holistic ministry also assists those who need consultation and those who wish to gain training and certifications in our Holistic Ministry Practitioner Program.  



Our role to evolve and impact society begins with our commitment to providing a "new vision" to the interfaith movement through the means of training and education.  Our approach to re-shaping the world around us is to prepare our members to understand interfaith principles  through regular classes and monthly sermons. Additionally, we train and prepare members of our community for roles of clergy through our interfaith ordination program.



We stand to become the "Liberator of the Soul's Progression" - we address the interfaith needs of our community and provide social justice provisions to our neighbors of faith. We stand united and together to face the challenges of the pluralistic society. 

Pastoral Support

We offer pastoral support, such as spiritual counseling, spiritual direction, and chaplain care to all stages of life and faith backgrounds. We understand that the soul holds the answers to all questions of life's transitions and struggles. We help assist people to find their inner guidance and provide tools and non-directive support to gain awareness and feel supported in their current path and spiritual development. 

Herbal Remedies
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