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Holistic Theology & Its Cannon Practice

Purpose of our Church & Its' Cannon Practices:

  • Serving as the epicenter of its’ “original” philosophy and religion of Esoteric-Holistic Theology, Neo-Thought, Eco-Spirituality and prime teachings of the “Master-Within” (the “God-Self”); which novel roots were based and evolved from the underserving, former teachings of falsehood presented in the metaphysical new-age movement.

  • Teach the principles of spirituality revealed from the Visionary Founder’s, Elders, and Clergy of the church body.

  • Foster the awareness of fivefold being, its role of this earth, and the transition of the soul to its enlightened state of existence.

  • Minister to the community and its church bodies, providing comfort, healing, and spiritual support to those in need. While also including the task of spiritual warfare against principalities and teachings of falsehood and aspects of the untruthful “divine light”.

  • Provide a place of worship for people of all faith backgrounds and walks of life.

  • Promulgate both the spiritual reality and embodiment of the true sacred existence of the impact of sacred texts had to the evolution of humanity, including the: Bible, Torah, Koran, Talmud, Bhagavad Gita, Qabbalah/Kabbalah, and other texts of major and minor religions; and new insight formerly provided by the religious teachers and leaders of existing sacred texts to present day revelations given by the Highest Self and the “Master-Within.”

  • Protect and provide safety of welfare to ensure a naturopathic-spiritual lifestyle of our Body Temple, free of any given abominations outlined by the Church's cannons, including but not limited to, vaccinations, chemicals/toxins harmful to the Body Temple.

  • Educate, instruct and serve the congregates, in providing guidance of a holistic-centered theology to our cause, as we also believe in: The Herbalist Charter, Ayurvedic principles and our naturopathic path towards achieving enlightenment, thus, mukti (“…reaching a natural state of wholeness”) is resolved (“…returning to pure consciousness”).

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