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Holistic Ministers Program

Are you called to Holistic Ministry?

Are you looking to practice the spirituality of holistic theology according to your Constitutional First Amendment Freedom & Clergy Rite?

Are you looking to heal the oppressed using principles of holistic healing? For example, spiritual practices such as Reiki, Hypnosis, NLP, Energy work/modalities, etc. 

It is our tenet to observe, share, and practice the theology of holistic and interfaith practices. It is with this tenet that we wholly believe that you are endorsed and authorized to provide mind-body-spirit-soul healing using prayer, healing, and special modalities honored in our traditions.

The Advanced Holistic Minister Practitioner course includes didactic portions of general ministry protocols, rituals and meditations, pastoral privileges' and legal protections, advanced holistic supervision and Passage Ceremony. Completion does not guarantee ordination or practitioner status. It is up to the Seminary and its Regents to approve, evaluate, and access referral into the Advanced Clergy body by initiation into Fellowship of the Societa di Essere Interno.

All certification and licensure is reviewed, rendered and filed in the Clergy Roster of ICC/ICCMIN as registered to operate by the State of Illinois. If other state registration occurs, it is noted and advised to the clergy registrant. 

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