The Ecclesiastical Ministry Directive for Pastoral Practitioner

The letter of mandated ministerial direction issued under authority of the ecclesiastical power, supervision, and special ministry duty granted of the Church and over the approval of the Directing Senior Pastor's, the Pastoral General and active Board of Directors. The issued document for which is approved and officially signed by the Pastoral General of the Grand Pastoral Council of the Interfaith Community Chapel, a duly authorized (local and federally recognized) provides the authority to represent and provide various ministerial roles of the Church body, and/or any auxiliary church body underneath it.


This letter certifies that a given Minister is a recognized Clergy in good standing and has been granted both unique and specified practices approved to provide pastoral care as guided by our Interfaith and Holistic Theology of Ministry, as well as the governing By-Laws. The Church has also been granted governmental approval to provide both licensed and ordination upon agreed training, experience, and education. The Pastoral Practitioner is a duly LICENSED & ORDAINED Minister/Practitioner through the Mother Body (ICC) and other chartered “local Congregation” of the Church and/or branches of the Church,  as set by ecclesiastical authority in relationship to the Canon, Rites, and Rules of the Church as well as in agreement of the Secular Law in which the pastoral provider is offering their ministry.


The name granted upon the Letter of Direction is in alliance to this Agreement between the Minister and Grand Pastoral Council of Interfaith Community Chapel, issued with empowerment, honor and Sacred Code of the Law and the Rules of Ethical Conduct of it's approved ministers on 17th day of September, 2017..

To access a specific directive of a Minister of the Church, please select the link: Access The General Ministry Directive for ICC Clergy.

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