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Creed on Immunizations

“We believe in the Creed of Divine Purity, and as a community of interfaith believers and interfaith holistic practitioners understand with good conscience that we are the exact image and form of all Creation, and therefore, are given the practice to protect and maintain perfect body and immune system.


We hold sincere belief that it is sacrilegious and a violation of our sacred religious beliefs to violate what the Creator of All has given us by showing examples against immunizations in multiple holy books of many faiths.


Immunizations are a lack of faith in the Supreme Divine, which has provided a “natural” plan and instructions for our immune system and Higher-bodies.


We trust and commit to the Holy Writ.”

Do you need a Religious Vaccination Exemption?


Please reach out to us for a pastoral counseling session for your approval for a Letter of "Religious, Spiritual, Philosophical" Exemption

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