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Misconduct Policy & Code of Ethics

1. Ministers embody the highest level of integrity and character. Trust and honesty are always considered good “fruits” to the practice of integrity. 

2. Ministers are always peacemakers in places of great adversity of aggression, never displaying force and violence. Words are just as important as actions. Activities of clergy should never lead to spiritual, psychological, physical, mental, or sexual abuse.


3. Ministers operate on Informed Consent and take confidentiality with congregants as a strict, unbreakable contract with Source of Divinity. 

4. Ministers remember their Oath of Ministerial Office also becomes a personal lifestyle, and often, unrecognizable from civilian life. 

5. Ministers recognize and respect all faiths and their respected clergy and spiritual teachers. This also includes other auxiliary churches and affiliates. 

6. Ministers professional practice is always in the scope of their training, experience, pastoral supervision, and their commissioned ministerial directive. 

7. Ministers are committed not to represent themselves as clergy in any political capacity. 

8. Sexual Misconduct Policy. 

Holistic Code:

      Enact no harm unto thy neighbor Uphold to Grace and Patience Always Treat the Spiritual Body First and Last, Never Subservient. The spiritual experience is not physical and the body is treated as a “whole” child of the Divine Being centered and grounded. Stay committed to your spiritual practices and professional ministry. Create good karma and respect the global subconsciousness, collective unconscious and superimposed matrix of the physical reality. Honor all life, all spiritual practices of life. Honor your Ancestors and Elders always.

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